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Ashland Specialties UK Limited

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Address: Vale Industrial Estate, Kidderminster,Worcestershire,DY11 7QU,UK

Telephone: 01562 821 207

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Year of Formation: 1964


Ashland is a leading producer of high performance pressure sensitive adhesives and structural adhesives serving the industrial, converting, transportation, medical and construction industries. Aroset adhesives are solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives with outstanding clarity, tack peel strength and resistance to UV, oxidation and heat resistance over a wide temperature range. These adhesives are manufactured in the United Kingdom as well as the US and are typically used in applications such as labels, decals, transfer films, mounting foam tapes, vinyl graphics, medical and removable. Pliogrip adhesives are two-part polyurethane adhesives and are used for bonding thermosetting composites, including SMC, RTM, FRP, SRIM, pultrusions, carbon fibre composites and many others. They are specified wherever critical performance is required and OEM approved. In addition to transportation applications, Pliogrip adhesive technology has been specified for aerospace, infrastructure, industrial, and aftermarket repair applications. These products have been specified for bonding composite body panel assemblies, specialty components, under-the-hood and vehicle framing applications. There is a Technical Support Laboratory based in the UK, which allows a quick response to customers needs for custom designed adhesives and coater ready products by not only being able to make compounding modifications but also being able to make changes to the polymer during the manufacturing process. The on-going research at Ashland allows the development of new marketable technologies which address customer needs. Ashland's manufacturing sites are ISO registered and remain committed to safety, quality and to world-class manufacturing, customer service and technical.

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Aroset™ Blanose™ Culminal™ Klucel™ Natrosol™ Pliogrip™ PureKote™ PureLam™ PureRad™ PureSeal™ Purethane™ PVP/VA copolymers V-Cap™ V-Pyrol™

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Stuart May


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