How-to download your electronic Membership Certificate

05 December 2023

Download the file to get instructions for how to download your membership certificate.

How to access your Online BASA Membership Certificate

All Members have their current Membership Certificate available for download on the Members area of the website.

Anyone with registered website access can download the certificate from the Company Membership Profile area of the website

Log in to the members area of the website

If you do not yet have a login (free to all employees of BASA Member companies) then this screen has an option on the right to add yourself to your company and get access.

Click on the Orange ‘Membership profile’ option in the top left of the dashboard underneath your name

You will then see all the data for your Company and in the right-hand ‘Company Details’ column, above your profile section there is an orange button ‘Download Certificate’. Clicking this will download your electronic certificate to your local system.