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BASA delivers a broad range of benefits exclusively for members including regular opportunities to network and meet with members with more than 600 managers and staff of member companies attending our events every year. As a member, you will receive guidance and regular reports on a wide range of technical and business issues, Industry training and seminars and industry representation to Government.


Access to the BASA Extranet is available to all employees of BASA Member companies anywhere in the world. Log in to your account to be able to actively participate in the technical work of our association. This is an opportunity for you to shape the opinion of the association and input into the work of BASA working parties and consultants, and also to get access to the members only areas of the BASA website.

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The BASA Directory is a list of BASA members services with information regarding how to contact the member. The directory is to help you locate companies that provide products or services that match your requirements. Please note, information within the directory is based on data provided by our members, and therefore, we can take no responsibility for product specific recommendations.

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REGISTER your interest for a FREE webinar for BASA Member Companies on 'A FEICA Risk Assesment for Cyclic Esters'

04 June 2020

Free webinar on 'a FEICA risk assesment for Cyclic Esters' for BASA Member Companies only - Please go to FEICA general content in the Members area for the registration link.

EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR COVID-19: Latest Announcements, Developments, and Implications

04 June 2020

As businesses begin to consider post-pandemic operations, and potentially see lockdown provisions soften, what are the essential points to bear in mind?


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