Exploring the benefits and costs of an industry placement

22 February 2023

This article summarises the costs and benefits employers have been reporting as they start to offer T Level industry placements.



· Grow your talent pipeline

· Attract a new generation of recruits from new sources

· Tackle skill shortages

· A chance to see potential future recruits using their skills and abilities

· Streamline recruitment processes

Skilled hands to support productivity

· Students bringing in skills for specific projects and tasks

· Support for growing teams

· Young people with new skills coming into your industry

New ideas

· Fresh eyes

· New skills

· Up-to-date learning

· Innovative work practices

· Increased creativity

· Influencing learning for young people entering your industry


· Among potential new recruits and more widely

· Demonstrate a commitment to diversity

· Create case studies to promote your credentials as a good employer

· Promote your record as a learning and development organisation

Staff development and satisfaction

· Opportunities for your staff to be buddies, mentors or line managers

· Opportunities for staff to gain new management and mentoring skills

· Your people feeling valued, challenged and developed

· Diverse teams with students who liven up the work environment


· Become recognised as being innovative and forward-thinking

· Be seen to be addressing critical issues

· Raise your profile with customers, as industry placements become well known

Build relationships in the community

· Get to know local colleges, schools, and other providers

· Network with other employers to share placements experience and good practice.

T Levels and industry placement support for employers