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L & L Products Europe Ltd

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Address: Central Boulevard, Blythe Valley Business Park,Solihull,West Midlands,B90 8AG,UK

Telephone: +44 7967 220152

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Year of Formation: 1958

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


L&L Products is a dedicated global business focused on comprehensively satisfying the needs of automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle and industrial product manufacturers to create stronger, safer, quieter, lighter and more cost effective products. The L&L Commercial team is based in all key markets and provides expertise, support and customized technology to satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers. L&L Products technologies include innovative acoustic enhancements, anti-corrosion sealing, damping systems and structural reinforcement solutions to reduce weight and improve crash performance (vehicles). We also offer novel structural adhesive systems for durable product assembly. All of our solutions are customized to meet the exact requirements of our customers wherever they are located and whatever the industry or product demands.

Parent Company:

L&L Products Europe SAS

Trade names:

L & L Bond L & L DECI-TEX L & L Reinforce L & L Seal

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Not declared Not declared

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Nick Henry



ISO 14001 ISO 9001

Reactive Solvent-Free

Acrylic Transportation Adhesives,
Butyl Transportation Adhesives,
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Transportation Adhesives, Aerospace,
Epoxy Transportation Adhesives, Transportation Sealants,
Polyurethane Transportation Adhesives, Transportation Sealants,
STPE (Silyl terminated polyether) Transportation Adhesives,


Epoxy Aerospace,