Changing your company contacts/subscribers on the BASA website

05 April 2019

To ensure that we comply with the requirements regarding privacy and data protection, the BASA website access is self-managed by members. The original contacts were taken form the old BASA website 3 years ago, and we have requested that the nominated data controllers for each member company regularly check to make sure that the contacts remain current.

Please note that it is not possible to make changes to email addresses within an existing subscriber, as the email address is fundamentally linked to the log in. If the email address for an individual changes, then the procedure is to re-subscribe to the website using the new email address and then either ask your company data controller to delete the unused email address, or contact the BASA office (contact Rebecca via or Lorna via and request removal of the unused email address.

The procedure is fully  detailed in the attached document and in summary:

  • Go to and using the option on the right Register by Applying to an existing company. Current BASA member companies are accessed by selecting using the up/down arrows
  • Enter your details and Subscribe
  • The data controller or the BASA secretariat will approve your registration and you will receive an email confirming this
  • Please make sure when you log in to select your communication preferences of you want to receive the weekly and bi-weekly automatic notifications when new documents are posted.