Degree Level Apprenticeships

24 October 2017

BASA has been approached in regard Materials Degree Apprenticeship Development and some work that is being investigated for a proposal to develop a broad degree level programme. This proposal is written on the basis of groups of employers (trailblazers) proposing and developing a new apprenticeship standard. The link to the Trailblazer information is given here.

The initially proposed apprenticeship would be a combined format covering a number of existing materials used by companies, as well as future proofing the skills through the incorporation of knowledge of new state of the art materials this will allow people who have gained this apprenticeship to have knowledge and experience valuable to a range of sectors.  

This will include industries and sectors such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, polymer and adhesives, defence, electronics, ceramics, energy, nuclear. In addition the competence will also be transferable in terms of job role and have applicability for management positions in operations, production, technical, sales, quality control and assurance, waste and recycling, laboratory testing, design and marketing.

Many companies involved in materials technology are facing skills shortage due to the changing nature of the work and the availability of new materials. As apprenticeships are open to people of all ages, this apprenticeship would enable staff from within the company to apply for new occupational roles as well as being open to new people.

The initial proposal was rejected as being too general and the group lead by AMRICC (AMRICC is the trading name of AMRICC Limited, a subsidiary of Lucideon Group Limited) are looking to collate evidence to demonstrate industry requirements for a degree apprenticeship to go across multiple materials. 

Supporting information to cover the following would be useful:

Summary of  requirements for a degree apprenticeship and why (Details of the business and why knowledge of multiple materials is needed)

Details of the job roles for which this would be a suitable apprenticeship 

Copies of job descriptions

Copies of job adverts

Case studies which show the job role in action

This work is still being carried out but any BASA member who thinks this might be of interest in future should contact me at the BASA office or by email