Materials Degree Apprenticeship - Update

25 July 2018

The Standard presents the duties, knowledge, behaviours and skills required for the job for which this apprenticeship aims to qualify candidates. It serves to summarise what would be acquired in the course and what roles would be open to successful candidates. It serves to inform and attract potential users of the apprenticeship, both employers, employees and recruits to the industry/material science field.

The next phase of the process to develop an Apprenticeship Standard will look at professional assessment, and what that would look like at the end of the course. Potential providers of course material, usually universities, are being progressively approached by AMRICC, so detailed course content could be agreed, allowing providers to be available across the country. 

Matters of finance, funding band and costs to employer will be addressed, when the above matters are in a more advanced state to allow careful and realistic costings to challenge both the initial funding band proposed by the Institute for Appreticeships and avoid non-viable or incorrect cost indicators to employers. Institute for Apprenticeships - website

If there are any interested BASA Member companies willing, without delay, to provide job averts for roles which they believe would benefit from this apprenticeship, please could they send them to Cathryn Hickey, CHIEF EXECUTIVE. or 01782 764333