20 May 2024

The attached checklist can be used to guide manufacturers who are wanting to affix UKCA marking to their construction products.

Please note that the guidance is based on the applicable information available on the date of issue. Despite rumours to the contrary, there are not yet any fixed timescales to amend the legislation to cease recognition of CE marking for Construction products for the GB market, however we recommend that manufacturers check the latest updates on the .GOV website for guidance.

You should note the following important comment on the .GOV website:

You should rely on the provisions of the legislation in preference to what is summarised in this guidance.

So, this means that as the legislation DOES NOT HAVE AN END DATE for recognition of CE marking, until the current legislation is amended UKCA marking AND CE marking continue to be recognised on the GB market.

Version history

Version 2.1 added on 20/05/2024 to correct the clause numbers and convert the document to the new format as GN 501