Raw Material Suppliers

Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd

Approved Member

Address: 3 Paper Mill Drive, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8QJ, UK

Telephone: +44 1527 594630

Fax: +44 1527 594640

Company Principal Website: http:// www.lakecm.co.uk


Lake employs the finest talented professionals to discover the speciality products and processes that create technical and commercial value for our customers and suppliers. We operate as a specialist technical distributor understanding the needs of customers, uncovering solutions to problems and forging lasting relationships with suppliers. Technical and regulatory challenges inspire us to find entrepreneurial solutions. A thorough technical understanding and a hard won degree at the University of Industrial Life enable us to repeatedly create technical and commercial value. A first class logistics operation moves hundreds of containers and iso-tanks from suppliers located in The Americas, Europe and Asia into professional storage and logistics facilities ready for delivery to our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A partnership with the LEL Group, a European strategic alliance with like-minded Technical Distribution Specialists, enhances our capabilities to provide additional value to our customers and suppliers.

Trade names:

Dioplex Disparlon Paraplex Plasthall Tegmer

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Steven Cartlidge

Principal Sales Contact:

Stephen Pitman

Adhesion Promoters



Cross-linking Agents


Fillers & Extenders

Other Speciality Chemicals

Pigments & Colourants


Polymer Resins

Resins & Tackifiers

Rheology Modifiers


Water based Polymers/Emulsions/Latex


Fire retardant additives and fillers