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Chemique Adhesives and Sealants Ltd

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Address: Empire Close, Aldridge,West Midlands,WS9 8UR,UK

Telephone: 01922 459321

Fax: 01922 452833

Company Principal Website:

Year of Formation: 1985

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 11-100

Number of Years Trading: 35


Established in 1985, Chemique Adhesives has become a pioneer in the development of industry-leading adhesives and sealants, while also providing first class service and support to its growing customer base. The experience and dedication to the development of new and innovative products has gained Chemique Adhesives an appreciation for its ability to supply a comprehensive range of products to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, commercial manufacturing, composites, construction, foam, furniture, marine, transportation and more. Products offered include: solvent free polyurethanes, water based adhesives, hot melts, cyanoacrylates, solvent borne and epoxies. The company's manufacturing and service procedures comply with ISO 9001 quality standards, providing peace of mind that all of our adhesives consistently meet exact technical specifications. While the chemists work on innovative adhesives, Chemique Adhesive's engineers focus on application methods, enabling the company to offer customers a unique 'Total Service Package' of adhesives, application equipment, service and support.

Trade names:

Aerotak Axil Polyped ProAqua Protak Solfre CovRez

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Stuart Francis

Principal Technical Contact:

John Bellerby

Principal Sales Contact:

James Thorpe


ISO 14001 ISO 9001


Acrylic Building & Construction Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,
Polyurethane Woodworking Adhesives,
Polyvinyl Acetate Building & Construction Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
Vinyl Acetate copolymer Woodworking Adhesives,

Reactive Solvent-Free

Epoxy Building & Construction Adhesives, Transportation Adhesives,
Polyurethane Building & Construction Adhesives, Floor Covering Adhesive, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives, Transportation Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
Urea Formaldehyde Woodworking Adhesives,

Hot Melt

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Packaging Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
Polyolefin Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives, Packaging Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,

Solvent Borne

Acrylic Building & Construction Sealants,
Cyanoacrylate Building & Construction Adhesives,
Epoxy Building & Construction Adhesives,
Polyurethane Building & Construction Sealants,
Synthetic Rubber Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,