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Chemence Ltd

Approved Member

Address: 13 Princewood Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 4XD, UK

Telephone: 01536 402600

Fax: 01536 400266

Year of Formation: 1983

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 11-100

Number of Years Trading: 35


Chemence is a leading European manufacturer of high performance adhesives and sealants using the latest innovations and technology. Chemence supplies cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, UV curing adhesives and photopolymer products globally into the retail, construction, transportation, cosmetics, medical and automotive sectors. Chemence has developed Krylex, a range of adhesives and sealants developed specifically for industry and engineering professionals. Supported by a highly qualified team of sales engineers and laboratory technicians, Chemence supplies to customers' specific requirements or can manage complete projects from conception and design to a professionally-packed product. Products include: Krylex industrial adhesives and sealants, MitreMate fast wood bonding adhesive kit manufactured for the construction, kitchen and furniture industries, SetFast superglue range for consumer market, Anacure - gas mains sealant for leaking distribution joints, Annerseal anaerobic sealant for service insertion, Anaseal vacuum impregnation sealants, Kwikfix stationery adhesives designed for the consumer market and Verbatim liquid resin used to make flexographic plates, hand stamps and self-inking stamps. Chemence also make topical tissue adhesives for wound repairs, used in accident and emergency departments and operating theatres in hospitals worldwide. Chemence also offers private label, labelled and unlabelled adhesives

Trade names:

Anacure Anaseal Annerseal Dermaflex Exofin Krylex Kwikfix Liquid Skin MitreMate Rescue Bond Sealfast SetFast Verbatim

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Mark Leedham

Principal Technical Contact:

Laura Ruppel

Principal Sales Contact:

Linda Rice


ISO 9001

Reactive Solvent-Free

Acrylic Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,
Cyanoacrylate Building & Construction Adhesives, Consumer Adhesives, Cosmetic & Hygiene Adhesives, Footwear, Leather & Textiles Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
Silicone Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,

Hot Melt

Polyurethane Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,