Focus on profit in 2024 with hedging

24 January 2024

To help mitigate FX fluctuations and protect your business's bottom line in 2024, make use of forward contracts*. This lets you 'lock in' the current exchange rate for a specified currency for up to 24 months. The rate is fixed when the contract is signed, and you are guaranteed that rate when the contract is settled.

What is a forward contract and why would I need one?

With recent global events such as the pandemic and most recently the instability of sterling following recent politics, it’s more important than ever to be aware of fluctuations in the foreign exchange market regardless of whether or not your business trades or makes payments internationally.

Even if a company doesn’t trade internationally, if they operate within a globally competitive industry, changes in exchange rate pairs can still affect operating profits. One way to manage the risk associated with foreign exchange is to book a forward contract.

Read more here to learn more about forward contracts and why you and your business need them.

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*We only offer MiFID exempt forward contracts.

Written by: Thanim Islam

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