UK Government announces extension of CE mark recognition for businesses - but not for construction products, yet

01 August 2023

The Department for Business and Trade has today announced an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for UK businesses. UKCA marking for construction products is managed by DLUHC and as of today's date DLUHC still intend to cease recognition CE marking in June 2025, which is confusing. BASA's view is that DLUHC are likely to eventually concede that UKCA marking of construction products is unnecessary for products that are not safety critical.

Please note that this announcement only refers to CE/UKCA marking of products covered under the Department of Trade and the announcement does not yet include construction products. 

This comes as part of a wider package of smarter regulations designed to ease business burdens and help grow the economy by cutting barriers and red tape. Following extensive engagement with industry, British firms will be able to continue the use of CE marking alongside UKCA.

The Business Secretary acted urgently on this issue, to prevent a cliff-edge moment in December 2024 when UKCA was set for entry. This intervention will ensure businesses no longer face uncertainty over the regulations and can cut back on unnecessary costs freeing them up to focus on innovation and growth.

The page for Construction products guidance continues to confirm that the DLUHC intention is to end recognition of the CE mark in GB on 30 June 2025.

In light of today's news from DBT we await any updates regarding construction products. BASA will update members as soon as we have additional information.

Written by: LW