UKCA Marking of Construction products - additional note regarding use of EUNB reports

20 December 2022

On 9th December DLUHC updated their guidance (see weblink on this post) and in an unexpected move appear to have reversed the guidance of 20 June 2022 in regards to historical EU NB reports and now state that valid UKCA marking will require any testing to have been carried out by a UK AB to affix UKCA marking by the new date where the government intend to legislate to cease recognition of CE marking as an alternative to UKCA marking.

This decision at such a late stage has a major impact on many manufacturers and suppliers of adhesives and sealants to the GB market. Money has been spent on new packaging and in some cases testing to comply with the June announcement and so manufacturers are now left in a position where they have to decide what to do with packaging that apparently they cannot use. These products are also already placed on the market based on the original guidance and intentions as government were clear that no further extension would be possible and that manufacturers all had to be in a position to comply with the intentions by 1st January 2023.

In conjunction with other similarly affected sectors, BASA is now consulting on options for members who are in this position.

Historical Information on Government announcements 

Published 1 September 2020 
Last updated 9 December 2022

  • Updated to reflect the government will continue to recognise the CE mark on construction products for another 2.5 years, to allow businesses until 30 June 2025 to prepare for the UK mark.

  • Guidance has been amended to reflect the government’s intention to recognise historic test certificate for products under AVCP System 3. It includes clarification on the deadline for historic test certificate and conditions that make the given certificate valid.

  • Guidance has been amended to refer to the new end-date for recognition of the CE mark in Great Britain (1 January 2023), and include clarification regarding the need for additional legislation to end recognition of the CE mark.

Written by: Lorna Williams