EPR data SI laid before Parliament

23 November 2022

Any doubts over whether EPR will go ahead as planned have been dispelled by the publication of the data Statutory Instrument that has been laid before Parliament.

This draft SI lays out the data collection requirements for business that are caught under the new EPR - any business with a turnover >£1m and that handled >25 tonnes of packaging in the previous year. The broad requirements are explain in recent DEFRA guidance, but these new regulations provide the detail of exactly who is in what class of 'producer' and what data they must collect. Large producers (>£2m t/o and 50 tonnes of packaging) will be required to register by April 2023 and submit their first data set to the relevant Agency for the first 6 months of 2023 by the end of September 2023. 

The Data SI is not an easy read and we will try and provide some guidance soon.

Phil Conran

360 Environmental Bulletin 79

Written by: Phil Conrad

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