CE extension: Clarification in regards to Construction Products

21 November 2022

BASA were informed by OPSS (Office for Product Safety and Standards) on 14th November 2022 that HMG intended to introduce legislation to continue recognition of the CE marking until 31 December 2024 but that this update did not apply to construction products. In the context of UKCA marking for construction products we have been told to expect ‘imminent’ Construction Products information from DLUHC to clarify this but in the meantime you should note that the current legislation in force in the UK in respect of GB has no deadline to end recognition of valid CE marking as an alternative to valid UKCA marking for adhesives and sealants. Recognition of CE marking will continue indefinitely until new legislation is introduced to enforce any end date, regardless of any previous 'intentions' stated on guidance.

Full information and detailed guidance is available on the BASA members-only area of the website if you work for a BASA member company with a simple information note you can use with customers who are confused by the media information.  If you already work for a BASA member company and don't have access, you can sign on by selecting your existing Member Company and self-registering here.

Written by: Lorna Williams