Extended producer Responsibilities – a looming cost for all BASA Supplier member companies!

01 July 2021

Is your business EPR ready? The Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging is due to launch in 2023 and this in conjunction with the introduction of the UK plastic tax (April 2022) will impact obligated packaging producers.

The aim of the plastic tax is to encourage recycled content to be used in plastic packaging placed on the UK market and we know this will impact our manufacturing member companies, but Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging introduces a further obligation for the business placing material on the market, to pay the full net costs of the collection, sorting, recycling, and disposal of packaging waste. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will see the full cost of collecting household waste shift from the taxpayer to producers.

Compliance costs under the new EPR packaging regulations could increase significantly and the modulation of fees will make the environmental performance of packaging impact its compliance cost. Packaging that is not considered 'widely recyclable' is more likely to have increased costs. BASA are running a MEMBERS ONLY free webinar that will be looking at EPR (and UKREACH) and we encourage any person from a member company with responsibility for use or purchase of packing of adhesives and sealants to attend to register to attend to understand the potential impacts.

Written by: LW