Latest HMRC Brexit Information

15 December 2020

A set of HMRC updates have been provided by BEIS

HMRC issued another letter to VAT registered businesses last week.  The letter included information on customs declarations, the Trader Support Service and a trader checklist of the steps businesses need to take to trade with the EU from 2021. All HMRC letters can be found here  

HMRC’s webinar programme continues - a new topic on trader responsibilities, when using an intermediary, will be available this week – no link yet but I’ll share as soon as I receive it. 

HMRC has launched a new online chat service which traders can use to speak to an advisor about import and export queries. More info here.    

HMRC webinars on Completing Customs Import Declarations’ continue. Slots have been filling fast, so new timeslots being added regularly (dates on the website now are 15, 16, 17 Dec). More info here

HMRC guidance on RoW FTAs – Rules of Origin (RoO) - HMRC published further guidance on RoO last week.  This covers rest of world Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and more info can be found at the following:

HMRC is also reminding about their Get Ready for Brexit video – these have been published for a while but may still be useful to some as they provide an overview of everything UK businesses involved in the movement of goods between the EU and the UK need to know to keep goods moving after the UK leaves the EU -


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