BASA News January 2018

08 January 2018

This first electronic Newsletter focusses on member information, and we will build on this to include the normal types of features. Wishing all members a Happy New Year and a hope that, after a well-deserved Christmas break, the challenges we all face in 2018 can be handled if we all stick together!

We will be continuing to improve the website communication and I urge all members to make sure that their employees are registered for access to our valuable members information source. We are moving more into the electronic world, so we intend to issue a monthly electronic bulletin. The link for the new monthly Bulletin be available via the BASA website publications area so make sure that you are registered for member access. In future we will also be producing a special printed technical Newsletter for the Open Industry Forum Events in June and November to supplement these electronic Bulletins.

ALL members are invited to submit articles for this electronic Bulletin each month - Tweets or other social media articles are ideal, but we will also continue to use any bespoke material that is sent to me at We hope to add a feature to the new website that will allow members to post news stories direct to the website so watch for this announcement.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to share stories and achievements of your Company with other members.

The closing date for inclusion in the next month’s electronic BASA Bulletin will be 25th of each month - so please make sure your Marcom staff are registered on the website so that they can send me stories.