BASA Guide to BS 6213

31 December 2001

The Sealant Working Group within the British Adhesives and Sealants Association (BASA) has undertaken to promote the use of BS 6213 and ISO 11600 (classification of Sealants for Building Construction) for the mutual benefit of the manufacturers and users of sealants in construction and glazing.

These two standards, together with BS 6093 (Design of Joints and Jointing in Building Construction) and BS 8000 parts 7 and 16 (Workmanship on Building Sites) form a powerful suite of standards, which if applied properly, will promote high quality products, increase sealant durability and improve site practice. At the same time poor products and application will be marginalised.

BASA is committed to raising standards in the industries it represents and the BASA Guide to BE ISO 11600 is also available for downloaded