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Address: Cowick Hall, Snaith,Goole,East Yorkshire,DN14 9AA,UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1405 860551

Company Principal Website: http://www.crodacoatingsandpolymers.com

Year of Formation: 1925

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 500+

Number of Years Trading: 0


Croda Smart Materials, formerly known as Croda Coatings & polymers, is a global supplier of high performance bio-based building blocks, functional ingredients, speciality surfactants and polymer additives. Croda Smart Materials business provides environmentally friendly and innovative solutions based on carefully selected raw materials. Our ingredients support our customers in developing safer, lighter, miniaturised, durable, multifunctional and affordable solutions. All this whilst offering a pathway to low carbon solutions. We combine technology platforms to create market driven innovations that help our customers to meet today’s needs and be prepared for the future. The combination of innovation for high tech fast changing markets, security of supply and technical applications support is why we like to work in partnership with key stakeholders in our focus markets. Some key ingredients for the adhesives industry are: Priplast™ bio-based polyester polyols for use in polyurethane adhesives, Priamine™ dimer diamines and Pripol™ dimer diols for polyamide adhesives. Our B-Tough toughening agents can be used in epoxy adhesives, Maxemul™, Brij™ and Tween™ surfactants can be applied in waterborne adhesives and our polymer additives provide anti-block and anti-dust effects.

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David Mitchley



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