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Apollo Chemicals Ltd

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Address: Sandy Way, Amington Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 4DS, UK

Telephone: 01827 54281

Fax: 01827 53030

Company Principal Website:

Year of Formation: 1972

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


Apollo is the UK’s largest privately-owned liquid adhesive, sealant, coating & primer manufacturer. We supply high-performance products worldwide across a range of industrial, construction, roofing and end-user markets. Supply is direct and via distributors, under Apollo and private-label brands. Established in 1972 in Tamworth, Apollo’s vision is to become the unseen coating, adhesive and primer department of our customers’ businesses. Our vision is in sync with building long-term partnerships by adding value and building trust - the ethos inspired by Apollo’s founder (Robert Saunders). At Apollo, we have great people who are passionate about solving customer problems. We strive to add value across our entire supply chain, which is communicated via our brand promise ‘More than adhesives’.

Parent Company:

Apollo Chemicals Limited

Trade names:

Apollo Apollo Adhesive Solutions Apollo Construction Solutions Apollo Roofing Solutions Fast-tack FleeceBond InsuBond MemBond MemClean RoofBond RoofPrime RoofSeal Upstand

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Ian Cornelius

Principal Technical Contact:

D S Tibbins

Principal Sales Contact:

G N Cooper


ISO 14001 ISO 9001


Acrylic Building & Construction Adhesives, Cosmetic & Hygiene Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,
Polyvinyl Acetate Woodworking Adhesives,

Reactive Solvent-Free

Epoxy Building & Construction Adhesives, Floor Covering Adhesive, Transportation Adhesives,
Polyurethane Building & Construction Adhesives, Consumer Adhesives, Cosmetic & Hygiene Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives, Transportation Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
SPUR (Silyl modified polyurethane) Building & Construction Sealants,

Hot Melt

Polyurethane Building & Construction Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,


Cementitious Building & Construction Adhesives,

Solvent Borne

Polyurethane Building & Construction Adhesives, Footwear, Leather & Textiles Adhesives, Industrial Product Assembly Adhesives,

Roofing Products