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Sealock Ltd

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Address: Scott Close, Walworth Industrial Estate,Andover,Hampshire,SP10 5NU,UK

Telephone: 01264 358185

Fax: 01264 332203

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Year of Formation: 1983

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 11-100


Sealock is a leading UK manufacturer of Hot Melt and Aqueous adhesive. As part of the Follmann group of companies we also have factories in Germany, Poland, Russia and France enabling us to guarantee security of supply. We have a full range of established performance adhesives but are widely recognised for our ability to tailor-make and fine-tune adhesives to exactly match customer requirements. Our adhesives are sold to the converting, packaging, product assembly, print, woodworking and other industrial markets throughout Europe.Sealock manufactures Hot Melt adhesives based on Ethylene / Vinyl Acetate, Polyolefin, thermoplastic rubber, specialised polymer systems - Emulsion Adhesives based on Polyvinyl Acetate, Vinyl Acetate / Ethylene, Acrylic and other synthetic emulsions - Dextrin and Starch adhesives - Natural and synthetic Latex based adhesives. The Follmann group of companies is an independent family owned company.

Parent Company:

Follmann GmgH & Co. KG

Trade names:

Sealock Follmann

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Chris Young

Principal Technical Contact:

Andy Wills


ISO 9001


Polyvinyl Acetate Packaging Adhesives,

Hot Melt

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Packaging Adhesives,