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Address: 5 Drumhead Road, Chorley North Industrial Park,Chorley,Lancashire,PR6 7BX,UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 1257 225 100

Fax: 01257 224605

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Ennis-Flint is the worldwide leader in the traffic safety and road marking industry providing the most comprehensive lineup of road marking solutions on the market today. The EMEA headquarters, located in Chorley, United Kingdom, provides a range of products from traditional paints and thermoplastics to high-performance formulas and plural components for road marking and enhanced surface treatments. You can find Ennis-Flint products on roads and highways, taxiways, runways, parking bays and in all kinds of commercial, contractor, governmental, industrial, airport and architectural settings. Moreoever, Ennis-Flint provides a wide range of crack sealant products intended for use on various pavement and carriageway defects. Our Fibrescreed and Prismoseal products offer high output crack sealing on major highways through the use of bitumen technology. With proven flexibility, excellent adhesion, and environmentally-friendly ingredients, this range of products is sure to extend the life span of the asphalt. Ultimately, each of our products offers cost effective answers to road safety problems while increasing safety for all road users.

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Bustrack Crystalex Cycletrack Fibrescreed Flexline Highbuild Paint Lifeline Rainline Stimsonite Textureflex Thermaline® Thermaline® XF Thormajoint® Tyregrip Vibraline Zebraflex


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