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Address: Bay 150, Shannon Industrial Estate,Shannon,Co Clare,IE

Telephone: +353 61 771 500

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Year of Formation: 1970

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 11-100


PLEXUS is a brand of ITW Performance POLYMERS, a division of Illinois Tool Works, which has some 250 operating units in 33 countries worldwide. PLEXUS range of structural adhesives is supplied to many industries including Automotive, Truck, Mass Transit, Marine and Construction. The unique, high-performance structural adhesives represent a breakthrough in adhesive technology. They offer a combination of convenience, ease of use and superior mechanical strengths for bonding engineered plastics, composites and metals. PLEXUS adhesives can be mixed and dispensed using hand held cartridge dispensers or through automated metermix equipment. They are easy to dispense and possess excellent gap-filling characteristics. The thixotropic formulation of PLEXUS adhesives allow use on vertical or inverted surfaces without sagging and cure on their own at room temperature. PLEXUS's unique methacrylate technology is similar to the chemistry of many recyclable plastics, so PLEXUS adhesives may be reground and remoulded with the plastic. DEVCON is renowned as technology and market leader in products and systems for plant maintenance, repair and overhaul operations plus all types of industrial high performance structural bonding. A brand of ITW Performance Polymers, Devcon offers a comprehensive range of metal and ceramic filled epoxies, urethanes, adhesives and sealants throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With over 40 years’ experience, Devcon offers premium quality products which are used across a vast range of industries, solving problems, saving time, and cutting costs. The product range includes metal and ceramic-based epoxies, which the company has pioneered since the 1950’s, containing either steel, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel or titanium, and when fully cured, can be drilled, taped or machined.

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MA300 MA310 MA420 Plexus Devcon Devweld Dfense Blok Flexane Floor Patch Korrobond Zip Patch

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