4ward Testing Ltd

Approved Member

Address: 5 Hampers Common Industrial Estate, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 9NR, UK

Telephone: 01798 342240

Fax: 01798 344482

Company Principal Website: http://www.4wardtesting.co.uk

Year of Formation: 2012

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


4Ward Testing is a UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No 0307, operating to ISO 17025 Quality System. We are a Notified Test Laboratory (System 3) No: 2538 for testing to BS EN 15651 Parts 1-4 (latest edition) Sealants for non-structural joints in Buildings and Pedestrian walkways and BS EN 12004 Parts 1-2 (latest edition) Adhesives for ceramic tiles. We test to National and International Standards, including: BS, ASTM, SS, DIN, ISO, EN, MIL, IEC and other bespoke product specific methods. 4Ward Testing offers a range of testing services including destructive and non-destructive material testing, as well as environmental ageing. We specialise in testing Construction (Sealants, Adhesives, Waterproof Membranes and Rubber etc.) Automotive, Aerospace, Marine products and materials.

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

John Seward

Principal Technical Contact:

Lesley Komatsu




Notified Body UKAS


Testing Laboratory, Approved or Notified Body

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