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Polyseam Ltd

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Address: St Andrews Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 6SB, UK

Telephone: +44(0)1484 421036

Fax: 01484 411911

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Year of Formation: 1993

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


Polyseam Ltd, is a progressive organisation with offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, Norway and approved agents in the United Arab Emirates. Polyseam have been independently manufacturing 1st class brands in the UK for a majority of the world’s leading suppliers of sealants, adhesives and fillers since 1993. Our comprehensive manufacturing experience and capabilities, matched with dedicated research and development investment, has positioned our products as the top quality in Europe. Through our fire research facility in Norway, our team of specialists’ design and test products, this is underpinned by the commitment and certification of our quality management systems ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. We at Polyseam continue to work hard in order to remain at the forefront of science and technology. Continuously adapting to ever changing environmental, industrial and economic pressures, developing innovative products and systems that equip trade professional with the right tools to do the job effectively and efficiently. SERVICES Manufacturing - Polyseam’s manufacturing and packing operation is completely flexible and caters for long and short runs alike. This allows minimal order product runs and ensures a cost effective solution for large organisations testing new or potential markets and products, or smaller companies requiring modest quantities. Polyseam is able to offer standard product options as well as provide bespoke solutions for your specific requirement or unique product. Quality Control - Our award of ISO 9001 standard underlines our commitment to optimum quality standards. Our award of ISO 14001 standard highlights environmental management system and multiple aspects of our business procurement, storage, distribution, product development and manufacturing. As your manufacturer, we recognise that the quality of the product and the service we provide is reflected in your brand experience - therefore, we ensure we meet agreed supply criteria at all times. Packaging and Branding - We provide a wide range of packaging options, allowing flexibility for new product development. We can deliver the product in plastic flexi tubes, tubs and pails. Additionally, we can supply the product in bulk for the client to fill and package independently - allowing you to supplement your own production if required. Polyseam offers a complete design and print facility for all packaging types. We can assist in the design of packaging to complement other items in an existing range or produce a new brand identity for new ventures. Stock and Logistics - Polyseam can work with and deliver in line with your own stock management systems. We can manufacture and deliver complete orders, or manufacture and hold stock in our warehouses for future distribution.

Parent Company:

Protecta Group AS

Trade names:

Graft IPT Protecta

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ISO 14001 ISO 9001


Acrylic Building & Construction Adhesives, Building & Construction Sealants, Consumer Adhesives, Fire Protection Products,
Polyurethane Fire Protection Products,
Silicate Building & Construction Adhesives, Building & Construction Sealants, Consumer Adhesives, Fire Protection Products,
Styrene Acrylic Building & Construction Adhesives, Consumer Adhesives, Fire Protection Products,
Vinyl Acetate copolymer Fire Protection Products,


Cementitious Fire Protection Products,