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Adbond Packaging Consulting Ltd

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Address: 2 Glenwood Villas, Fifield Lane, Frensham, Surrey, GU10 3AR, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)7525 780610

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Year of Formation: 2015


Adbond Packaging Consulting Ltd is owned by Line Willis, offers help with adhesives and packaging related projects such as Hot-Melt adhesive formulation work for new development projects, re-formulation of existing products for performance enhancement or raw material status change, evaluation of new/novel raw materials for the adhesive industry, adhesive training, packaging application advice, optimisation or resolving adhesive related issues on packaging production lines. Line has more than 17 years experience in the adhesives industry working for National Starch & Chemical and later Henkel. The majority of her time at NSC/Henkel Line worked as senior development chemist in the European R&D group in addition to roles in Technical Service and Technical Key account Management. A past chair of BASA’s and FEICA’s Paper & Packaging Technical Working Group dealing with Food Contact Regulation issues, Recycling & environmental challenges. Line is also a Packaging Technologist and a member of the packaging Society.