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Francis Flower - A part of LKAB Minerals

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Address: The MIll, Tape Lane, Gurney Slade, Somerset, BA3 4TE, UK

Telephone: 0800 622 6808

Company Principal Website: http://francisflower.com

Other Company Product Websites: http://www.fordacal.co.uk

Year of Formation: 1953

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: 101-500

Number of Years Trading: 64


At Francis Flower we recover, reclaim and recycle mineral by-products from industry for the benefit of our customers and the environment. Fordacal and Flowdol are manufactured by Francis Flower, a family business established in 1953. Over time, the business has expanded from its original quarrying and lime production enterprise to provide a range of high quality powdered minerals, including Gypsol anhydrite binder for flowing screeds, limestone powders for concrete and asphalt filler, as well as GGBS for lower CO2 concrete. All the products produced by Francis Flower originate as by-products from industrial processes, reducing the need for mineral extraction and landfill. With bases across the UK, Francis Flower is a trusted partner for both its UK and international customer

Parent Company:

Gurney Slade Lime & Stone Ltd

Trade names:

Gypsol Flowdol Andricite GGBS Fordacal

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Darren Wilson

Principal Technical Contact:

Victoria Prior



Principal Sales Contact:

Mick Stovin




ISO 14001 ISO 9001 UKAS

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