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Langley-Smith and Company Ltd

Approved Member

Address: 1-3 Norton Folgate, London, E1 6DB, UK

Telephone: 0207 247 7473

Fax: 0207 375 1470

Company Principal Website: http://www.langley-smith.co.uk

Year of Formation: 1907

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


Langley-Smith has been a supplier of speciality chemicals since 1907. We focus on providing excellence in product quality and technical support, with a proven track record and reputation throughout the adhesive and sealant manufacturing industries. We have been working with our suppliers in Europe, China and the USA for many years, and can supply a wide range of rosin and hydrocarbon resins and polymers made to exacting standards. Langley-Smith is an ISO9001 registered company and is a long standing member of the Chemical Business Association.

Trade names:

DRT: Dercolyte, Dermulsene, Dertoline, Dertophene, Dertopoline, Granolite, Hydrogral, Polygral, Zincogral Others: Binder®, Haitack®, Luhorez®, Pamolyn® Pinova™: Foral®, Ester Gum 8BG, Hercolyn®, Pentalyn®, Piccolyte®, Staybelite®, Vinsol® Langley-Smith: BriteStar®, DayStar®, HyStar®

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

David Crow

Principal Technical Contact:

Rene Smit

Principal Sales Contact:

Chris Crow


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Polymer Resins

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