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Euram Chemicals Ltd

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Address: Euram House, 33 Station Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1NW, UK

Telephone: 01628 472848

Fax: 01628 890095

Company Principal Website: http://www.euramchemicals.co.uk

Year of Formation: 1986

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


Euram Chemicals Ltd manufactures curing agent dispersions for specialised sealant systems, such as polysulphides. Customised products can be produced to the individual requirements of each client. Such work is carried out on a confidential basis. Euram Chemicals also carries out the distribution of a number of raw materials including benzoate plasticisers (tradename K-Flex) which are an environmentally friendlier alternative to some other plasticisers, as well as other general purpose plasticisers, rutile titanium dioxides, silanes and solvents.

Parent Company:

Euram Group

Trade names:

Europlast K-Flex

Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Ron Newman

Principal Technical Contact:


Principal Sales Contact:

Jenny Kitzing


ISO 9001

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