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Kleiberit Adhesives UK

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Address: Max Becker Drive, Unit 3 Brunel Way, Stephenson Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3HF, UK

Telephone: 07703570645

Fax: 01530 836677

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Year of Formation: TBA

Number of UK & Ireland Employees: <10


Klebchemie M G Becker GmbH & Co KG has been producing adhesives for a variety of industrial applications since 1948. The company manufactures approx. 55,000 tons of adhesive a year under DIN EN ISO 9001 accreditation. More than 200 products with the trade name KLEIBERIT are well introduced in the markets around the world. Our wellbalanced product range gives customers in industries such as window wrapping, woodworking, furniture production, building sector and automotive the opportunity to obtain their indispensable aids in the form of chemical ancillary products from a single source. Special importance is attached to the development of products which are at the forefront of adhesive technology including environmentally sound alternatives.

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Managing Director/CEO/Owner:

Bradly Larkan

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