11 May 2020

I have today (11th May) be notified that a phishing email has been sent to a number of Members. PLEASE DO NOT follow the link and enter your email and password as this is a malicious attack to harvest passwords, and specifically to try to obtain Microsoft passwords from the links.

The email has not been send from our domain (@basa.uk.com), and for future reference I will never send an automated email out regarding any enquiries, I will always email you individually. Many of you have IT system that have caught this phishing email, but a few have not noticed the inconsistencies in the email and have attempted to log in to what looks like the BASA website but is in effect a fraudulent mirror screen [....basa-international.jdevcloud.com.....]. If you have logged in to this fraudulent website and if your BASA website password is used anywhere else for other accounts you need to take precautions and change passwords immediately. If you want me to reset your BASA website password please let me know. There is no personal information stored on the BASA website and we are working with the Website Developer to see what additional steps we can put in place, but these kinds of attack are common and are difficult to stop - you just need to be very vigilant and stay alert.

Written by: Lorna Williams