Update: REACH Committee vote on TiO2 cancelled

12 April 2019

As you may have seen reported by media, we understand from the Titanium Dioxide Manufacturer Association (TDMA) that no vote took place yesterday in the REACH Committee on the 14th ATP, including the proposal to classify TiO2. It appears that the discussions and vote were cancelled shortly before the meeting started. TDMA arel gathering information on the reason for the cancellation, and BASA will update members as soon as we have further information.

It is anticipated anticipate that the Commission will bring the proposal back in the 19-20 June REACH Committee meeting. This depends on the progress of adapting the CLP Regulation to the new procedure for adopting the ATP (delegated acts procedure) which could push further considerations of the classification back further.

Written by: Lorna Williams

Copyright: TDMA