All BASA Members - New Notification System launched - ACTION NEEDED!

10 January 2019

We have launched our new notification system today but members need to make sure that they are both subscribed to the BASA website and also have set their communication preferences. By default you will NOT receive the weekly or bi-weekly notices alerting you to new content, so we highly recommend updating your preferences.

First you need to Log on to the website (if you are working for a member company and do not have your own access, then unlimited company registrations are allowed as art fo your membership fee, so please go to REGISTER/LOGIN and 'Apply to an existing member company' to subscribe.)

Then Click on the orange 'Membership profile' option underneath your name/company in the top left and then tick which of the two (or both) options you want.

Contact me if you have any problems accessing the website.

Lorna Williams

Written by: Lorna Williams