DHSC plan to revoke Annex VIII within GB CLP by the end of 2023 using powers within the Retained EU Law Bill

15 May 2023

An announcement on all revocations of EU law under this Bill was made on 10th May 2023 and DHSC opted for this legislative option as it is the most efficient and timely route for the revocation of the Annex in relation to the use of poison centre notifications for the GB market. The Department for Health and Social Care will provide a further update once the revocation process is complete.

The original intention of DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care, responsible for this legislation) was to launch a public consultation on whether to revoke Annex VIII in GB CLP. However, having considered the issue in more detail, it has become clear that the costs to industry of implementing the mandatory reporting mechanism (as required under the Annex) outweigh the negligible public health benefits of a new system compared to the existing voluntary reporting approach.

The full news article can be read on the member only area of the BASA website

Written by: Lorna Williams