UK REACH: Consultation on extending submission deadlines for transitional registrations

05 July 2022

Today DEFRA launched a consultation on extending the UK REACH submission deadlines for transitional registrations

Consultation on extending submission deadlines for UK REACH transitional registrations 

In December 2021 Defra committed to exploring alternative arrangements for transitional registrations in order to support chemical businesses, whilst upholding a high level of human and environmental health protection in line with our international commitments. 

It will take time to fully develop an alternative transitional registration model and, if the decision is made to proceed, to develop and pass the necessary legislation. It is also necessary to allow industry time to comply with new arrangements. Therefore, Defra also committed to consult on extending the deadlines for providing the full registration data.  

This consultation is seeking views on options to extend those current deadlines for registration. It is also seeking views on extending the dates for the Agency (HSE) to carry out compliance checks on 20% of registration dossiers.  

This is a public consultation, and we welcome all views.   

The consultation closes on 1 September 2022. For more information visit: 

Defra has also published a statement from the Defra Secretary of State on the consistency of the amendments proposed in the consultation with the aims of the UK REACH legislation. For more information visit:   

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