Resilience in Manufacturing - Webinar Series - Adopting digital technology and making the most of your resources

09 July 2020

The challenges facing the sector are numerous and complex. Manufacturers are not used to working remotely but in many cases being forced to. Manufacturers are having to work with different organizations and changing their supply chain to meet the ever changing demand. These challenges are not easy to overcome, but BSI have assembled some leading industry experts to share their expertise and try and equip you with the knowledge to prosper, now and in the future

9 July, 09:00-10:00 (UK time)

Whilst we face difficult challenges now, it would be naïve to ignore future challenges. One of the key advances within the manufacturing sphere is the adoption of digital technology and how this will help to maximise the efficiency of resources.

Join our speakers Professor Martin Charter Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA and Ben Sheridan from BSI as they take you through some key considerations and benefits when adopting technology, whilst considering the increasing pressures we face to become more sustainable and efficient.