BASA Drop-in Clinic - Stuart Radnege, Trading Standards, Explosive poisons precursor database.

12 July 2024

At 10:00 BST on Friday 12th July we will be holding our 30 minute members drop-in clinic. This week we have an insightful webinar featuring Stuart Radnege from Trading Standards as he delves into the critical topic of the Explosive Poisons Precursor Database. London Trading Standards (LTS) represents the 33 Local Authority Trading Standards services in the London Region. We share information and awareness campaigns across the capital to protect consumers and safeguard legitimate enterprise.

My role is to project manage the funded work we obtain and deliver like our work tackling illicit tobacco and vapes, and ensure our members are actively involved where they can. A number of our officers around the region were integral to the shaping of the Offensive Weapons Act and the corresponding Explosives, Poisons and Precursors legislation. To aid better regulatory enforcement, we began creation of a searchable database that contains all the information an officer would require.

But in doing this, we also thought it could protect Police in the work they do as well so began involving them and Home Office officials as well. Following a Parliament presentation event linked to the launch of the Act, businesses in attendance also enquired about their access. Currently we are at the foundation stage of getting a major retailer to have a view of the database which they plan to use to ensure compliance with the legislation and assist with their returns to the home office regarding the products they sell.

The BASA Secretariat including the BASA consultants hold a 30-minute clinic every Friday at 10:00 to present important regulatory and business information and guidance and to give BASA members an opportunity to ask questions. We may be unable to answer the questions live - but all questions will be resolved after consultation with the relevant government contacts.


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