BASA Virtual Open Industry Forum, Monday 12th July 2021

12 July 2021

FREE to BASA Members, meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams.

From 09:00 – 09:30 BASA Members can check their connection and setup in Microsoft Teams and can post any questions via Q&A function

09:30 Welcome & Introduction, Jim Palmer BASA Technical officer

09:45 Dean Winder, Regulatory Consultant, CIRS Europe

How new BASA Member CIRS Europe can assist BASA members with their EU and UK REACH obligations

Dean Winder is a member of CIRS Europe based in Dublin, Ireland. He received his BSc. in Pharmaceutical Science and is currently finishing his MSc. in Organic Chemistry in the Technological University of Dublin. He combines his knowledge of the chemical industry and his research experience to provide regulatory consultancy services, specialising in the industrial chemical sector.

10:15 George Atkinson, Policy Manager, Valpak.

Reform of the Packaging Waste Regulations - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

George will look at why the government felt it necessary to reform the existing system, the results of the consultation and the timelines and actions necessary and how the EPR will work alongside the plastics Packaging Tax

George is Valpak’s Policy Manager. Having joined Valpak after completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy, George is responsible for keeping Valpak and its membership up to date with current and future extended producer responsibility policy, covering the waste packaging, electricals and batteries sectors. Alongside being responsible for writing Valpak’s responses to Government policy consultations concerning the sectors, George represents the company and its members at many industry events, as well as in meetings with public officials.

11:00 - 11:10 Short bio break

11:10 Dick Searle, Chief Executive, The Packaging Federation

Looking at the impacts of the EPR and potential issues for BASA Members

Dick will continue the discussion before the break on a topic that all BASA Members will be affected by and will look at the estimated costs and will discuss the disputed claim that EPR is simply a transfer of costs.

Dick has spent the 53 years of his working life in the Packaging Industry. For over 30 years, before running The Packaging Federation, he had been CEO of several packaging groups including two quoted companies. His career has covered most of the material sectors of the industry and he has experience of both large and small companies. The Packaging Federation is the over-arching Federation for the UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry, and its membership includes many packaging companies and all the industry’s material sector trade associations. Dick is a passionate believer in the Packaging Industry and the very positive contribution that it has made to society at large – both in terms of its products and its substantial contribution, as a major manufacturing industry, to the UK economy. He has been Chief Executive of The Packaging Federation since 2006.

11:45 UKREACH – status, impacts and next steps, DEFRA

Speakers: Simon Johnson & Hermione Mackelworth, DEFRA

DEFRA will give BASA members an update on the current chemical regulation. We hope that the following hot topics can be covered, but send in any other points of concern in advance so that we can make sure they are covered:

  • Status of grandfathering process and advice on whether a list of the current grandfathered substances is available so that DU’s can assess what is missing?
  • Are there still possibilities for late grandfathering?
  • What does the current list of submitted DUINS look like and is there room for pragmatism if a BASA members suddenly finds out that their supplier had not submitted?
  • Is there any update following the letter from the chemicals sector asking about changes to the UK legislation due to the high costs that will result from the lack of true grandfathering?
  • Are there any options to look at emergency derogations (similar to BPR) that could be implemented in the UK to help us cope with the current unprecedented raw material shortage (ie to defer registration obligations for new suppliers of existing EU/UK REACH registered substances to ease supply pressures)?

12:30 UKCA Marking Update, Lorna Williams

12:50 Wrap Up & Final Q&A, Jim Palmer

BASA’s Technical Officer will summarise today’s presentations and there will be a final opportunity for Members to ask questions on both today’s topics and any other areas of concern that they would like to raise.

13:00 OIF Ends

Please note this is a BASA members only event.

Download Agenda: BASA Open Industry Forum - Agenda 12th July 2021.pdf