38th BASA Annual General Meeting via Microsoft Teams, Wednesday 24th March 2021

24 March 2021

The 38th BASA Annual General Meeting will be held virtually using Microsoft Teams

38th Annual General Meeting - Virtual

Wednesday 24th March 2021, Microsoft Teams

Agenda for the 38th Annual General Meeting taking place at 10:30


10:30       Ryan Diggory, BEIS

11:15       Opening of the 38th BASA AGM

 Chairman’s Introduction, and Confirmation of Quorum/Proxy voting

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the 37th BASA AGM, held on 28th March 2020
  2. Matters Arising   
  3. Financial report and accounts for 2020
  4. Subscriptions and Proposed Budget for 2021/22
  5. Technical report for 2020
  6. Chairman’s report for 2020
  7. Confirmation of the Council Officers and Council Members
  8. Appointment of Auditors
  9. Any Other Business

11:40       Close of 38th BASA AGM 

11:45       Economics Report, Roger Martin-Fagg


Timed to finish at 12:45